Solid Mile


Coffee Porter | ABV 6.4%

Where did the name come from?: This was a collaboration brew with Solid Coffee who also has a location at Steelcraft Bellflower. They created a custom roast just for Ten Mile.

Style Origin: American porters have been brewed for many years…originating out of the classic London Porter. Porter is mentioned as early as 1721. Before 1700, London brewers sent out their beer very young and any ageing was either performed by the publican or a dealer. Porter was the first beer to be aged at the brewery and dispatched in a condition fit to be drunk immediately and it was the first beer that could be made on any large scale.

What hops were used: Magnum, Cascade, Tettenager

Flavors: Medium full body with strong notes of coffee. More like an espresso style coffee. Big and bitter. Made with beans custom roasted for Ten Mile.

ABV: 6.4%

Glassware: Nonic

IBU’s: 25

Flight Card Description: Created in collaboration with Solid Coffee Roaster and made specifically for Steelcraft in Bellflower, CA, where we both have locations. This is not simply beer with coffee added, this is a big, bold, bitter coffee beer! Made with beans custom roasted for Ten Mile, the coffee experience is unmistakable, making this a brew-ti-ful pairing.

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