Our Beer


Best Bitter | ABV 4.8%

A classic English style that hosts wonderful bready and biscuit malt flavors that support a firm bitterness. Served on nitro for a creamy mouthfeel.

Double IPA | ABV 8.3%

The Hybrid-Hazy IPA is not a new trend but its popularity over the last few years has truly exploded. Due to its soft mouth feel, West Coast style bitterness and exceptional juicy fruity hop flavors from the ridiculous amounts of Mosaic, Citra and Azacca, this style is yet another example of the craft beer evolution.

Hooked on Onyx
Black IPA | ABV 6.8%

Don’t let the jet black color fool you, this IPA is light and incredibly drnkable with notes of roast and caramel maltiness. Balanced with big piney and grapefruit hop aromatics that make this beer a truly unique style.

Maggie Mae
Blonde Ale | ABV 4.8%

Named in memory of the family’s loyal and beloved yellow labrador. This malty ale is light, refreshing, and highly sessionable. Like Maggie, this beer will become your constant companion!

Trail Marker
India Pale Ale | ABV 6.75%

Our take on the classic west coast IPA, includes Amarillo and Centennial hops, giving this beer its firm bitterness. We then dry hop with a generous dose of Citra hops for a strong, citrus aroma.

American Pale Ale | ABV 5.6%

The blend of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops gives this style its name as well as subtle bitterness and a wide range of citrus characteristics.

Swarthy Czechsman
Czech Dark Lager | ABV 4.8%

It is presumed that lagers would have been predominantly dark, rather than light, until about the 1840’s. Our Czechsman boasts a complex flavor profile ranging from rich fruit and caramel to cola with a moderate level of hop bitterness.

TM Lite
American Lager | ABV 4.6%

While the name is a jab at massive macro breweries this version has plenty of flavor while still being light enough that absolutely anyone can crush a few pints. Light, dry with a hint of malt makes this the ultimate lawn mower beer.

Segway to Munich
Helles Munich Lager | ABV 4.9%

A clean, malt-forward German lager with a smooth, dry finish. The subtle use of Haullertau hops helps to balance the malt-forward flavor. This is a refreshing, everyday beer.

Duke’s Travels
Rotating Hop IPA | ABV 7.0%

Third in our rotating hop series and featuring the New Zealand hop variety Nelson Sauvin. This hop presents tropical notes and subtle earthiness with a bright and dry malt profile for a balanced and soft finish.

Solid Mile
Coffee Porter | ABV 6.4%

Solid Mile is the collaboration of Solid Coffee and Ten Mile Brewing, created especially for SteelCraft Bellflower, where we both will be serving. This is not your typical beer with coffee simply added; this is a big bold and bitter coffee beer! The strong coffee flavors cannot be mistaken and the beans were a custom roast specifically created for Ten Mile, making this a brew-ti-ful pairing.

Dark Side of the Moo
Milk Stout | ABV 6.0%

Welcome to the dark side...A medium bodied stout with roasted malt and coffee flavors. This style finishes sweet and creamy, making this the perfect beer for breaking in to the dark world of ales.

Discovery Well
American Amber Ale | ABV 5.4%

The “Discovery Well, Alamitos No. 1” was the first oil well drilled in Signal Hill in 1921. Named in honor of our first brew as the city’s first brewery. Deliciously balanced between malt, hops and notes of caramel.

Hidden Hollow
Kentucky Common | ABV 5.2%

A pre-prohibition style, this beer would have been served in saloons on the American frontier. This Wild West brew uses historically accurate ingredients for a truly unique style that appears dark but drinks remarkably light!

Prepare to Rye
Rye India Pale Ale | ABV 6.8%

This bold IPA is packed with flavor! Spicy pepper notes dominate as a result of the large percentage of rye malt, while fruity aroma complements a pleasant bitterness.

Low Countries
Belgian Tripel | ABV 8.9%

This beer combines the triple hop punch of Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra. Hop bitterness eventually gives way to a pleasant fruity character and balancing full mouthfeel and alcohol in the finish. Sharp hop bitterness eventually mellows giving way to a pleasant fruity character. Enjoy carefully, this one will sneak up on you!

Danny Boy
Irish Red Ale | ABV 4.1%

A traditional Irish Red Ale! Clean and balanced with defined biscuit and toffee notes and a low hop aroma. Served on nitro for a silky smooth, delectable experience.

Hazy IPA | ABV 6.5%

A pre-prohibition style, this beer would have been served in saloons on the American frontier. This Wild West brew uses historically accurate ingredients for a truly unique style that appears dark but drinks remarkably light!